Sunday, November 12, 2006

Of War & Conquest

The way to a guy’s heart is to not be obsessed over the love you have for him. Obsession only leads to confusion and the disorientation of the mind. There is no one true way to catch a guy or gain his attention. Mostly, all guys are different in many a way as women are different from each other. There is no one sure way.

My subject proved that obsession led to her own confusion and thus ending up in a situation most unfavorable to both parties. Often than not, third parties get caught in her squabble and obsession of his love. Over the past 12 months or so, the subject evolved from having a broken heart to leading a life of endless search for care and comfort which eventually turned into a simple combination of love, hate and obsession. After a moment of search, the unsuspecting victim opens the gates to his life to her and allowing himself to be a part of hers. Slowly but surely, the unsuspecting victim is lured into a simple world of like, love and soon to be obsession.

She eventually stumbled upon a kingdom where their king was to be the love of her life. At the first stage of her conquest, she was tried and tested with many different obstacles. None of which were simple arithmetic. He being king of a prosperous kingdom and her being a simple peasant limited her chances of the long awaited fairytale life with her knight in shining armor. Nonetheless, her first victory saw her triumphant when he was ordered to exile from his very own kingdom. Life gradually became less complicated now that both parties were of the similar stature. A once forbidden love turned into the beginning of a wonderful dream for her.

Not long after he was exiled, he began rebuilding a new kingdom. This new kingdom was protected and served by a handful of knights that remained loyal to him till today. The knights remained true and vowed to protect and serve their king. Defensive of their king, the knights did their utmost to keep their king away from harm. Wanting to be the queen of this new kingdom, she went through books and scriptures in search of ways to gain the love and trust of her king. In views of establishing his new empire, the king however, declined her love for him.

She endlessly remained faithful in hopes of one day the king will see her as the queen of his new kingdom. Failing which, she turned to sorcery and witchcraft. The more she used her newly acquired skills, the more it began to over power her. As each day past, the darkness of her heart grew and her obsession of her once pure love for her king is now a dark obsession to imprison the king and rule his kingdom as her own.

Noticing the change and her intentions, his knights fought and protected him till he ordered her to be exiled from his kingdom and never to return to his land till she saw her ways and changed. Her hatred for the knights grew stronger and stronger as the days past living in exile.

The once hopeful light of a new daybreak has now turned into a new day of plot for revenge. Seeking vengeance, she vowed to rid the knights that once fought for the king and contributed to her exile.

Till this day, his knights stand strong, protecting their king and remained as her adversary, ridding her of her chances to conquer the kingdom of his heart.


The subject’s hopes of love care and comfort started out as a normal courtship. However, when things did not turn out the way she had expected, the answer to her equation became more and more complex.

The subject was presented with a riddle of which the answer is as clear as the sky is blue. Till today, she has failed to answer the riddle. Her obsession in getting the answer clouded her mind and made thinking complicated, inconclusive. Neglecting the simple facts that were presented to her and refusing to accept the fact that the answer is in fact that simple, she is determined to proving it otherwise.