Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A relationship worth fighting for....

"Would you marry a person who loves you or the person you love?"

A good question asked...

Perhaps by taking a look at my current relationship would help define my answer.

After being in and out of relationships that have broken me into pieces... i am finally with a man whom i think is worth it.

Our odd "relationship" started way before we met. And for those 2 years, we've been getting along just fine. We talk, we laugh, we tell each other things.

When we finally met, i think i speak for the both of us when i say, "We were clueless." We know that we were in a "relationship" for the past years and we feel that we know each other. But there we were, face to face. Speechless. Frankly, i was "I can't believe it, after all these while, there he is." Being excited is one thing, feeling awkward is another.

And after 6 weeks of actually being together, it was time for him to leave. I knew he had to leave someday but it felt like a part of me leaving with him.

And to think, we had only been together in a relationship for more or less 2 weeks. Everything was happening too fast, too soon. Just when i was getting used to having someone there, i had to let go. It did cross my mind that this relationship might not last as soon as he boards the plane.

After a while of being apart, more and more things happened. More issues, arguments, disagreeing with each other, fighting for the littlest things. It tore me apart, bit by bit. The more we argued the more my heart suffered.

So many times i thought of ending things and yet so many times i held on. Fact is, i don't want to let go. I give in and work things out. And he being him, will always try to talk me out of it.

No matter how often or what we argue about, we still stop at one point and start working things out together. I've never stopped appreciating the courage that he has for the both of us. Being apart has not been easy for the both of us.

So, i guess the question is not about marrying someone who loves you OR marrying someone you love.

It's more of whether you can live with that person. To work things out together and to go through the rest of the years together. Not as 2 individuals but as 2 people who care enough about each other so much so they are willing to stop and start working things out.

I tell myself everyday that this IS the relationship worth fighting for. For all the things that we've been through and for all the hard times we've been together, it is well worth it.
We learn from each other, we keep each other going. 
The more you learn from each other further in live, the more you will learn to cherish & love one another. That is what keeps us going.

If you find that person, i guarantee you there will be love. There will be a relationship where both 
parties will cherish each other. And that is what you would want in your life.